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Uphold Exchange Review

 It’s almost like I have to try out every exchange ha! But In the last few years, more and more ways to buy, sell, or trade crypto are popping up. With this many options opening, it’s really starting to raise the bar for new business’s jumping in the crypto world, to keep, better, standards. One of the other reason I really like that we are having more options, for buying and selling crypto is. Makes it easier for us to be able use our banks as an option, to be able to use credit or debit cards to fund an account. Also it’s more convenient to sell crypto and actually get money back to us, because before it was kinda a pain to sell crypto quickly and receive money to our banks. Either to pay bills and such, or even just be able to spend, mind as well be able use it use because, alot of people are into this for investment purposes.. I know having banks involved defeats some of the purposes of why some people even got involved in crypto and blockchain technology, is for the anonymous or privacy aspect, and kinda not for transactions to be as traceable..

 So here we are going to talk about Uphold exchange, there are many different uses for this particular site in the crypto world. From transferring money around the world, either to a business or a friend, they make it easy between members at the click of a button it will be there.. You can either visit them on desktop, mobile version or app. I just started using it pretty recently, so far it’s been a great experience! For sign up and approval, it just took about 15-20 min.. and to fund the account was another few minutes before actually purchasing crypto. So we’ll say about 25 minutes total..

 You have to send a picture of your ID, front and back, which is pretty standard procedure for most exchanges. Then you can begin funding your account. You can either transfer crypto from a private wallet to the exchange to one of your “cards”, which your cards are basically your wallet for each coin or token on that exchange, but they look like a credit card by appearance, personally I like that design. Also you can do your funding by a bank transfer or credit/debit card.. I did notice when I funded my usd card by credit card, it charged my bank as a cash advance, my bank said it was how the company had it setup for some reason, so if you can use your debit card for lower fees from your bank.. Ok so you fund it by one of those options, for example purposes we’ll say you used a debit card. The transaction will go to your usd card that is on Uphold, then from that you would pick a coin or token that you would like to purchase and for example purposes again we’ll say your buying xrp. when you first sign up to the site they start you off with around 4-5 cards that are displayed on your dash board. To load up on xrp, you would have to go down the list and click add a new card, it will give you options of all the cards that are available and you would pick the one you desire. So we picked xrp for example, then it will ask you to transfer from another card to that one to make the purchase. At that time it tells you the price that the coin or token is at.  Side note here, One of the only things that I think they need to really update on the site is charts, there are no charts available on the site. I really like to look at charts and see the price in front of me before purchasing usually.