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Tron Dog Pet Store Review

 Recently I have purchased a Tron Dog Pet Store, figured would give it a whirl.. But wanted to write about it, for others that are interested in the idea and would just like a little more knowledge before they dive in. How I got involved, was just out of  interest in the entire virtual pet idea craze. Was looking to purchase one tron dog, and saw the option to purchase a store.. Yes I first heard about the virtual pets because of the cryptokitties, and that led to Tron Dogs. In a simple form, or the way I look at it is, the tron dogs are a virtual blockchain collectors item. Similar to collecting baseball cards, or even a garbage pail kids card in a sense, some people refer to them as virtual beanie babies.

 To start off, you need to go either to,, or can click on my store as well and sign up, a few different options.. Over time they have changed the website name so at first it was a little confusing, possibly the name also used to be Pet Planet. But I think they have that all worked out now ha. I try not to be judgmental on developer changes of the website name, because in reality it is a very new concept of the blockchain art. In my eyes they are doing a good job, and constantly updating the features to help the store owners out, and the purchasers of the virtual pets. Every time logging into my account, I notice new improvements to the site. So I can definitely see progress on their end..

 So after you have signed up with there will be options pretty much immediately to purchase a store, or browse the pet market. The prices of the stores have kinda changed or raised in value. When they first started you could purchase for 20,000 tron, the price has increased to 30,000 now. They usually have a limited number of stores available, around 10,000 I think, and they sold out pretty quick of what I noticed.. That is one of the reasons I can see that people are interested in the idea. When I looked a bit ago there were some for a even higher price, that might have had a few more options.. The one I purchased is supposed to have breeding available, but it seems the breeding works a different way. I still have not bred a tron dog yet.. We will get into breeding a little down the line in this blog.

 Points I like about working with tron dogs,, is, the pet store is pretty much plug and play at the time of purchase, they really do a lot of the work. The team does the full development of the website, a majority of advertising they have already done as well. But the more you help advertise, and put forth extra effort, the better your virtual pet store does. Basically they’re your business partner and you’re kinda an investor in their company, if you want to look at it that way.

 When you are about to purchase your store, there are a few options on payment, you can choose to pay with Tron, GTC or Ethereum.. GTC is’s token, 5 TRX = 1 GTC. Looks like they have added a few more tokens and coin options as of last night.. See every day they are working to improve the site.. When using different tokens they have different pets that are available in that category. Right now I still consider myself a beginner in the virtual pet world and learning all the different tricks each day as well.. but as far as I know, tron can buy tron dogs, GTC can buy GTC pets, and ethereum can purchase ethereum pets. For example purposes we will just go with trx, because that’s what I use at the moment..

 Profit, that is peoples obvious question and concern, of course, you’re getting into the virtual pet market to turn a profit, and be on the cutting edge of blockchain art. As was saying earlier, you can kinda look at it like is your business partner, they get a cut, because they are your partner and basically did majority of the work, they receive 50% of the profit.. the numbers might seems weird at first because each time someone buys a tron dog they receive a free amount of GTC with purchase.. I said we were gonna stick with trx as an example but even if they use trx they still get a free amount of GTC.. In my eyes it is probably to promote the coin, and GTC is what is used on their platform of to play their other games.. Because is a gaming platform, with a variety of other games for people to choose from.. So if they get a free amount of  GTC, then it entices them to stick around the site longer and play other games too..

 The different rarities play a big part in tron dogs and cryptokitties, it’s what makes them more valuable. When products and art are considered more of a collectors item, usually means there are less available for people to obtain. Same thing with tron dogs, there are less of certain ones, it’s good to learn which are which before purchasing. Also for the rare dogs they make more valuable when getting into breeding them. They are classified as Legendary,  Epic, Rare and Common, Legendary being the rarest to Common being the least in rarity. Will put pics at the bottom of the blog so you can visualize each one. If you are looking to collect them when you are first purchasing your store, try to have the pic pulled up of the rarity to help, because your store will most likely have them when stocking your store. The rare ones sell pretty quick, so it might not give you that much time to decide. I feel like the rarest ones in my store sold extremely quick, before could even see which was which, so now I’m better prepared


 Let’s get into the breeding of your virtual pets!! At the moment breeding is only being done on the mobile app, so if your looking on desktop version and can’t find that is the reason. There is basically a bulletin board on the mobile app site, that allows you to post or request for another pet to be breed with, or vise versa. Some of the guidelines to breeding is, pet’s must reach required level to breed, you may post a breed or choose from existing ad post, you also need to play rock paper scissors to see who keeps the baby pet, if there is a draw in rocks paper scissors you will do a coin toss, and both parties receive random amount of GTC. Different pets have different breeding times, rarities, and what they call cool down times..

Link to tron dogs and my virtual store click here!!