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Robinhood App Review/Opinion

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Started using a new app called Robinhood!! Would like to write a quick blog about my experiences, to give people an idea of what your first experiences might be, and see if the trading platform may be right for you. I’m using Robinhood on an iphone, some features might show up a tad different on an android or a tablet.. For those that don’t know, this is one of the first sites to offer trading crypto, stocks, ETF’s, and options all in one location.                                                                  

     From the get go I really have enjoyed the site, it’s very user friendly and easy to understand, yes there are a few things I would like different, but will get to those specifics in this blog post, over all it’s a great site!! The parts I dig are you can trade crypto or stocks, a few options for your trading desire.. Sign up process is super easy, and it is one of the fastest “sign up and trade crypto now’ sites.     For crypto they support at the moment Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Quantum, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Neo, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Lisk, OMG OmiseGo, and Dogecoin.

To begin trading or purchasing crypto, you need to fund your account. To fund your account, you need to do it with a bank transfer. At the time being, you can not fund your account by transferring coins or tokens from your private wallets, or other exchanges, or from a bitcoin atm, which would all be very convenient options.. that is one of the draw backs in my eyes.. I would definitely like to be able to use some of the crypto that I have, in my private wallets and just transfer them. That also means, that you can not transfer your coins off the platform at the moment.. I thought that was a little weird.. but in the “future” we should be able to.. You would have to exchange your profits to usd, then transfer to your bank account. As I’m writing this it made me think, possibly because it’s a trading platform, and not an exchange.. I will have to research that question more ha..

In the stocks section, they have available for trading, AAPL, TWTR, TSLA, NFLX, FB, MSFT, DIS, GPRO, SBUX, F, BABA, BAC, FIT, and GE.. For the stocks you also get a little more info on the company. They give you the latest news and events, updated stats, showing you it’s volatility, their earnings, expected eps and actual eps, and a little bio about the company, to give you background info, also with today’s volume..  Another extra feature I noticed that was different from the crypto is.. that after you click on which company your interested in, and press for example the AAPL stock, it brings you to its specific chart like the crytpto, but there you can swipe left or right to check the next stock for easier access. which on the crypto section you don’t have that feature, you have to go back to the selection or your favorites list.. Option trading is available as well in the stock section, which I honestly do not have extensive knowledge in, but I do like have that available for future investments..

Wanted to talk some about the charts, on both the crypto and the stocks section.. Those I dig the layout and design, but would like them to be in a little more detailed. Having the prices on the sides of the chart, to physically see how much they moved up, or down in price or volume would be a nice feature. Yes you can move around and interact some with the charts, and see where the prices have jumped. but I like to just look at the chart and see it all in front of me.. Some of my points might seem a little picky, but that’s what a review is, giving both opinions and let each person judge for them selves..

I hope you enjoyed the review and thank you for your time.. I will be updating some of the links for easier access.. To join click here Robinhood