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Bitcoin and Crypto Referral Programs

There are a lot of different programs for you to earn Free Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies!! You can do referral programs, which some of these even have links for. But mind as well, if you are using some of the apps, exchanges or different products. Give it a go and share your links with a friend and earn some extra coins, tokens, credits or stocks even!! Some people are able to make a small living off this if you share your referral links with enough people, or have a strong following on Social Media outlets.

Some of these exchanges and products I actually use, and some are just programs which offer compensation for referrals, I wanted to share because they might help you.


A great place to start in the crypto world is with Coinbase, for people needing to use credit cards or bank transfers, this site can get you going in just a few clicks. The selection of crypto is pretty basic, but all good picks Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. For the referral program, they reward each party with $10 in crypto, after the new party signs up and spends $100. To visit Coinbase click here


This exchange is awesome, for the mobile app or desktop version, the design and the lay out are perfect for my liking. For function I would also give it two thumbs up. It has a good size selection of coins and tokens available for trade. So this is a definite company that I feel good referring for either trading, or for you referring this site to others. To visit Binance Click Here

Ledger Wallet:

A hardware wallet is a must have for keeping your crypto safe!! There are two companies that are the most recommended, if your getting into crypto and want to hodl your investments safe, Ledger nano s or Trezor. Both are an excellent choice. The reason I have both types is because you can hodl different coins or tokens on both wallets. To visit Ledger Wallet Click Here!!

Trezor Wallet:

As was saying above, there are two main wallets on the market to hodl your crypto safe, Trezor is a excellent pick. The company itself is super responsive, and very informative. I’ve been very happy with the one I purchased and will continue to buy their products in the future. You can feel very good about referring both of these companies! Click Here to visit Trezor Wallets

Robinhood crypto:

This app is a trading platform for crypto, stocks, and option trading. Robinhoods referral program offers you a stock off of their platform that’s chosen randomly. Will say honestly I don’t know every stock that is out on the market ha, but I did recognize just about everyone in their selection, and would be happy to have any one of them. For more info on Robbinhood you can read my more in depth blog post click here on the link,

Altcoin Exchange:

So far Altcoin exchange is still in the beta stages it seems. Their release date is sometime in 2018 they say. I’m ready to give this one try and see what improvements they have to offer from being able to watch other exchanges do there thang, and to see there twist in the crypto world. Altcoin exchange referral program, offers a variety of options depending on how many people you refer, all of them seem pretty fair, but again will be the real test as when the exchange opens up. Click here to visit Altcoin Exchange