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Uphold Exchange Review

 It’s almost like I have to try out every exchange ha! But In the last few years, more and more ways to buy, sell, or trade crypto are popping up. With this many options opening, it’s really starting to raise the bar for new business’s jumping in the crypto world, to keep, better, standards. One of the other reason I really like that we are having more options, for buying and selling crypto is. Makes it easier for us to be able use our banks as an option, to be able to use credit or debit cards to fund an account. Also it’s more convenient to sell crypto and actually get money back to us, because before it was kinda a pain to sell crypto quickly and receive money to our banks. Either to pay bills and such, or even just be able to spend, mind as well be able use it use because, alot of people are into this for investment purposes.. I know having banks involved defeats some of the purposes of why some people even got involved in crypto and blockchain technology, is for the anonymous or privacy aspect, and kinda not for transactions to be as traceable..

 So here we are going to talk about Uphold exchange, there are many different uses for this particular site in the crypto world. From transferring money around the world, either to a business or a friend, they make it easy between members at the click of a button it will be there.. You can either visit them on desktop, mobile version or app. I just started using it pretty recently, so far it’s been a great experience! For sign up and approval, it just took about 15-20 min.. and to fund the account was another few minutes before actually purchasing crypto. So we’ll say about 25 minutes total..

 You have to send a picture of your ID, front and back, which is pretty standard procedure for most exchanges. Then you can begin funding your account. You can either transfer crypto from a private wallet to the exchange to one of your “cards”, which your cards are basically your wallet for each coin or token on that exchange, but they look like a credit card by appearance, personally I like that design. Also you can do your funding by a bank transfer or credit/debit card.. I did notice when I funded my usd card by credit card, it charged my bank as a cash advance, my bank said it was how the company had it setup for some reason, so if you can use your debit card for lower fees from your bank.. Ok so you fund it by one of those options, for example purposes we’ll say you used a debit card. The transaction will go to your usd card that is on Uphold, then from that you would pick a coin or token that you would like to purchase and for example purposes again we’ll say your buying xrp. when you first sign up to the site they start you off with around 4-5 cards that are displayed on your dash board. To load up on xrp, you would have to go down the list and click add a new card, it will give you options of all the cards that are available and you would pick the one you desire. So we picked xrp for example, then it will ask you to transfer from another card to that one to make the purchase. At that time it tells you the price that the coin or token is at.  Side note here, One of the only things that I think they need to really update on the site is charts, there are no charts available on the site. I really like to look at charts and see the price in front of me before purchasing usually.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Referral Programs

There are a lot of different programs for you to earn Free Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies!! You can do referral programs, which some of these even have links for. But mind as well, if you are using some of the apps, exchanges or different products. Give it a go and share your links with a friend and earn some extra coins, tokens, credits or stocks even!! Some people are able to make a small living off this if you share your referral links with enough people, or have a strong following on Social Media outlets.

Some of these exchanges and products I actually use, and some are just programs which offer compensation for referrals, I wanted to share because they might help you.


A great place to start in the crypto world is with Coinbase, for people needing to use credit cards or bank transfers, this site can get you going in just a few clicks. The selection of crypto is pretty basic, but all good picks Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. For the referral program, they reward each party with $10 in crypto, after the new party signs up and spends $100. To visit Coinbase click here


This exchange is awesome, for the mobile app or desktop version, the design and the lay out are perfect for my liking. For function I would also give it two thumbs up. It has a good size selection of coins and tokens available for trade. So this is a definite company that I feel good referring for either trading, or for you referring this site to others. To visit Binance Click Here

Ledger Wallet:

A hardware wallet is a must have for keeping your crypto safe!! There are two companies that are the most recommended, if your getting into crypto and want to hodl your investments safe, Ledger nano s or Trezor. Both are an excellent choice. The reason I have both types is because you can hodl different coins or tokens on both wallets. To visit Ledger Wallet Click Here!!

Trezor Wallet:

As was saying above, there are two main wallets on the market to hodl your crypto safe, Trezor is a excellent pick. The company itself is super responsive, and very informative. I’ve been very happy with the one I purchased and will continue to buy their products in the future. You can feel very good about referring both of these companies! Click Here to visit Trezor Wallets

Robinhood crypto:

This app is a trading platform for crypto, stocks, and option trading. Robinhoods referral program offers you a stock off of their platform that’s chosen randomly. Will say honestly I don’t know every stock that is out on the market ha, but I did recognize just about everyone in their selection, and would be happy to have any one of them. For more info on Robbinhood you can read my more in depth blog post click here on the link,

Altcoin Exchange:

So far Altcoin exchange is still in the beta stages it seems. Their release date is sometime in 2018 they say. I’m ready to give this one try and see what improvements they have to offer from being able to watch other exchanges do there thang, and to see there twist in the crypto world. Altcoin exchange referral program, offers a variety of options depending on how many people you refer, all of them seem pretty fair, but again will be the real test as when the exchange opens up. Click here to visit Altcoin Exchange







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Tron Dog Pet Store Review

 Recently I have purchased a Tron Dog Pet Store, figured would give it a whirl.. But wanted to write about it, for others that are interested in the idea and would just like a little more knowledge before they dive in. How I got involved, was just out of  interest in the entire virtual pet idea craze. Was looking to purchase one tron dog, and saw the option to purchase a store.. Yes I first heard about the virtual pets because of the cryptokitties, and that led to Tron Dogs. In a simple form, or the way I look at it is, the tron dogs are a virtual blockchain collectors item. Similar to collecting baseball cards, or even a garbage pail kids card in a sense, some people refer to them as virtual beanie babies.

 To start off, you need to go either to,, or can click on my store as well and sign up, a few different options.. Over time they have changed the website name so at first it was a little confusing, possibly the name also used to be Pet Planet. But I think they have that all worked out now ha. I try not to be judgmental on developer changes of the website name, because in reality it is a very new concept of the blockchain art. In my eyes they are doing a good job, and constantly updating the features to help the store owners out, and the purchasers of the virtual pets. Every time logging into my account, I notice new improvements to the site. So I can definitely see progress on their end..

 So after you have signed up with there will be options pretty much immediately to purchase a store, or browse the pet market. The prices of the stores have kinda changed or raised in value. When they first started you could purchase for 20,000 tron, the price has increased to 30,000 now. They usually have a limited number of stores available, around 10,000 I think, and they sold out pretty quick of what I noticed.. That is one of the reasons I can see that people are interested in the idea. When I looked a bit ago there were some for a even higher price, that might have had a few more options.. The one I purchased is supposed to have breeding available, but it seems the breeding works a different way. I still have not bred a tron dog yet.. We will get into breeding a little down the line in this blog.

 Points I like about working with tron dogs,, is, the pet store is pretty much plug and play at the time of purchase, they really do a lot of the work. The team does the full development of the website, a majority of advertising they have already done as well. But the more you help advertise, and put forth extra effort, the better your virtual pet store does. Basically they’re your business partner and you’re kinda an investor in their company, if you want to look at it that way.

 When you are about to purchase your store, there are a few options on payment, you can choose to pay with Tron, GTC or Ethereum.. GTC is’s token, 5 TRX = 1 GTC. Looks like they have added a few more tokens and coin options as of last night.. See every day they are working to improve the site.. When using different tokens they have different pets that are available in that category. Right now I still consider myself a beginner in the virtual pet world and learning all the different tricks each day as well.. but as far as I know, tron can buy tron dogs, GTC can buy GTC pets, and ethereum can purchase ethereum pets. For example purposes we will just go with trx, because that’s what I use at the moment..

 Profit, that is peoples obvious question and concern, of course, you’re getting into the virtual pet market to turn a profit, and be on the cutting edge of blockchain art. As was saying earlier, you can kinda look at it like is your business partner, they get a cut, because they are your partner and basically did majority of the work, they receive 50% of the profit.. the numbers might seems weird at first because each time someone buys a tron dog they receive a free amount of GTC with purchase.. I said we were gonna stick with trx as an example but even if they use trx they still get a free amount of GTC.. In my eyes it is probably to promote the coin, and GTC is what is used on their platform of to play their other games.. Because is a gaming platform, with a variety of other games for people to choose from.. So if they get a free amount of  GTC, then it entices them to stick around the site longer and play other games too..

 The different rarities play a big part in tron dogs and cryptokitties, it’s what makes them more valuable. When products and art are considered more of a collectors item, usually means there are less available for people to obtain. Same thing with tron dogs, there are less of certain ones, it’s good to learn which are which before purchasing. Also for the rare dogs they make more valuable when getting into breeding them. They are classified as Legendary,  Epic, Rare and Common, Legendary being the rarest to Common being the least in rarity. Will put pics at the bottom of the blog so you can visualize each one. If you are looking to collect them when you are first purchasing your store, try to have the pic pulled up of the rarity to help, because your store will most likely have them when stocking your store. The rare ones sell pretty quick, so it might not give you that much time to decide. I feel like the rarest ones in my store sold extremely quick, before could even see which was which, so now I’m better prepared


 Let’s get into the breeding of your virtual pets!! At the moment breeding is only being done on the mobile app, so if your looking on desktop version and can’t find that is the reason. There is basically a bulletin board on the mobile app site, that allows you to post or request for another pet to be breed with, or vise versa. Some of the guidelines to breeding is, pet’s must reach required level to breed, you may post a breed or choose from existing ad post, you also need to play rock paper scissors to see who keeps the baby pet, if there is a draw in rocks paper scissors you will do a coin toss, and both parties receive random amount of GTC. Different pets have different breeding times, rarities, and what they call cool down times..

Link to tron dogs and my virtual store click here!!







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Robinhood App Review/Opinion

Click Here To Visit Robbinhood

Started using a new app called Robinhood!! Would like to write a quick blog about my experiences, to give people an idea of what your first experiences might be, and see if the trading platform may be right for you. I’m using Robinhood on an iphone, some features might show up a tad different on an android or a tablet.. For those that don’t know, this is one of the first sites to offer trading crypto, stocks, ETF’s, and options all in one location.                                                                  

     From the get go I really have enjoyed the site, it’s very user friendly and easy to understand, yes there are a few things I would like different, but will get to those specifics in this blog post, over all it’s a great site!! The parts I dig are you can trade crypto or stocks, a few options for your trading desire.. Sign up process is super easy, and it is one of the fastest “sign up and trade crypto now’ sites.     For crypto they support at the moment Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Quantum, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Neo, Zcash, Monero, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Lisk, OMG OmiseGo, and Dogecoin.

To begin trading or purchasing crypto, you need to fund your account. To fund your account, you need to do it with a bank transfer. At the time being, you can not fund your account by transferring coins or tokens from your private wallets, or other exchanges, or from a bitcoin atm, which would all be very convenient options.. that is one of the draw backs in my eyes.. I would definitely like to be able to use some of the crypto that I have, in my private wallets and just transfer them. That also means, that you can not transfer your coins off the platform at the moment.. I thought that was a little weird.. but in the “future” we should be able to.. You would have to exchange your profits to usd, then transfer to your bank account. As I’m writing this it made me think, possibly because it’s a trading platform, and not an exchange.. I will have to research that question more ha..

In the stocks section, they have available for trading, AAPL, TWTR, TSLA, NFLX, FB, MSFT, DIS, GPRO, SBUX, F, BABA, BAC, FIT, and GE.. For the stocks you also get a little more info on the company. They give you the latest news and events, updated stats, showing you it’s volatility, their earnings, expected eps and actual eps, and a little bio about the company, to give you background info, also with today’s volume..  Another extra feature I noticed that was different from the crypto is.. that after you click on which company your interested in, and press for example the AAPL stock, it brings you to its specific chart like the crytpto, but there you can swipe left or right to check the next stock for easier access. which on the crypto section you don’t have that feature, you have to go back to the selection or your favorites list.. Option trading is available as well in the stock section, which I honestly do not have extensive knowledge in, but I do like have that available for future investments..

Wanted to talk some about the charts, on both the crypto and the stocks section.. Those I dig the layout and design, but would like them to be in a little more detailed. Having the prices on the sides of the chart, to physically see how much they moved up, or down in price or volume would be a nice feature. Yes you can move around and interact some with the charts, and see where the prices have jumped. but I like to just look at the chart and see it all in front of me.. Some of my points might seem a little picky, but that’s what a review is, giving both opinions and let each person judge for them selves..

I hope you enjoyed the review and thank you for your time.. I will be updating some of the links for easier access.. To join click here Robinhood

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Bitcoin Atms

    Lets talk Bitcoin Atms, or some call them, crypto vending machines. My thought process is the ‘”Vending Machines'” are more for just buying crypto, and ‘Bitcoin Atms’  dispense actually money. It would dispense what ever currency they use, or accept in that country or region.
I have gone around to all the Bitcoin Atm machines in Oregon, tried them out, talked to other customers, checked average customer rate, asked what people purchased and how they got in crypto even.. People probably think I was some crazy person ha. Seen flaws tho..  And if I can help spread great machines around. That’d be Awesome!!  Because I have to use them too.
Also been paying attention to how these Vending Machines have been popping up around the world.. They’ve been spreading like wildfires. Basically if people want to accept Bitcoin as a payment, and spend Bitcoin. Then we Need more places to purchase and exchange crypto..
My experience has been, the machines at some of the kiosks have operated a little less then the standards I would like.. don’t want to say bad things about them.
Anyways, let’s talk about the good points on the Bitcoin vending machines that I did like!! Cause that’s what’s really important!!.  This is where some will say see, I knew this site was gonna sell us some stuff haha. But these are all just options and opinions.. 

           For my #1 pick of Bitcoin Atm Machines, I’m pretty stoked with the company who is supplying them.. Lamassu These are the best Bitcoin Atm and Bitcoin Vending Machines I’ve seen so far.. With an excellent reputation for a reason. They have the most accurate and up to date software.. When you purchase a machine, All the Fees go to you, meaning you keep what ever percentage you charge for transaction fees, the company doesn’t take any cut!!
Wow that is Amazing to even just start off with.  They have a very quick responding support team as well, if you do run into a situation, or need help getting started.. They offer free support for the first month, then a $100 each additional month if you continue to want to keep the service.. But I think it’s worth it to pay, to have a educated staff assisting and helping you.
Everything is private and only you have access to your wallets from the machine. That’s a nice piece of mind.. The Douro also caught my eye, because of the compact size and portability.. It
 doesn’t take up to much room, and easy to move around.. At first site!! I thought they looked classy, and well built.!!
One of things I want to point out about the size, and portability of the Douro is. If you want to just use it as a Bitcoin Vending Machine, put it on a table or a small stand.. You can! well they actually do offer a separate stand if you need, called the Braga. It’s not just any stand, I should also add. Has a steel tube interior structure in the center. Which that bolts to the Douro, then also you anchor the Braga to the ground for maximum security. Give that two thumbs up for thinking ahead. 

        So next, gotta jump ahead for sec, might as well cause we are talking about stands and bases. The Santo Tirso is another add on option, it’s what makes it into the actual full on, cash dispensing, Bitcoin Atm machine, a removable base.. Who else has that feature??. The Douro can be run with or with out it.. to be clear if you want it to dispense money tho, then you need the Santo Tirso. skipping around here a bit, but just want everyone to understand.. the Douro by itself is a vending machine, where you can purchase crypto.. if you want a bitcoin atm, then you need this feature.. The removable base is one of the other things that caught my eye immediately. If ya check around online, or where ever, some of the other machines I seen, you probably need a pallet jack to move them anywhere. haha no joke tho. they were Big.. These weigh about 49kg, around 108 pounds, could fit in the front seat of your car.. Take it with you while vending at a festival. You can because, it also has an option to hook up to Wifi..
Even tho I just talked a lot about these Atm’s, I feel like haven’t even scratched the surface of all the features they offer
Because when we talk about regulations, and passing what ever inspection your state requires. You can smile and show them the Bill Validator, to help make sure no funny money gets in there. And the ID check feature if you must have, it’s already built in!!
  Actually want to talk about regulations for a sec cause again we are on the subject.

          So for regulations, each state has a different policy.. Check the links posted below to get some of the correct paper work, for Oregon regulations. I assume most places you will need a Money Transmitter license, over time anyways.. So start doing research ahead of schedule, have all your ducks in a row. To run a Bitcoin Atm in the United States, things are pretty regulated these days, but just follow some of the rules and go about it the correct way. My first suggestion is, have a lawyer go over the paper work with you. Laws are funny sometimes, paying someone that is educated in that field, goes a long ways sometimes.

       Federal Regulation:


       General Issues:


       Intro On The Business:  

     Another site that I like visiting, to see how the Bitcoin Atms are moving around the world, and find locations is Every time I check the numbers, they seem like they doubled. Really interesting to watch the growth rate. And with this link you can check and watch too.. They have all sorts of free services, like lists of Operators, Producers, Locations, Charts and more.

        Bitcoin Atm Charts:

Main Page:           


    Also it’s good to check the site to see what other Operators, mite be charging on transaction fees and such. Or if you are purchasing crypto at the machines, you can shop around and find the best rates. 

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Info On Crypto

Bitcoin Davida

  Welcome to Bitcoin Davida!!  This site is a guide to help make your cryptocurrency experience a little easier, and more enjoyable.. Will try to share what ever pops up in mind at the time, that I feel will help you out.. maybe this is just a place for beginners and entry level people to find info, and check some charts.. 

        Going to share info on where, and what it entails to purchase your own crypto vending machines!! Links to help you work your way through regulations, where to get the best Hardware Wallets. Anything else I see that’s cool and functional for the crypto community, I will try and researching and post about. Or if you see something new to the market, please feel free to share as well.. I like learning about New ideas and projects, it’s good to be a student in life and have an open mind!! 

         Also with Live updated prices here, you can check how your coins are doing.. Yes, will be adding other charts for Ethereum, Litcoin, Dash, and XRP Ripple as well!!   

        The best place to start in the crypto world in my opinion is with Hardware Wallets, safety first. Protect your bitcoins from hackers, why risk losing them when you can store it safe..  Look into Ledger Nano S and Trezor.  Read some reviews, watch a few youtube videos.. And see if it’s something you’d be interested in.. I personally have both, in case one adds a new coin to there wallet.. I like to have options.. for example, PIVX, is on ledger nano s and not on trezor yet.. They both have different styles of entering your info, to view the site. Each one has it’s own creative touch.  

     The other thing I want to talk about is, having a piece of mind. If you’re traveling and don’t have your own personal computer, and worried about checking your account from a public space. You can plug these into any system even a dirty one.

      The actual device for the Ledger Nano S or Trezor, have a separate screen.. Actually let me back that up a sec.. When buying a Ledger Nano S, make sure it says “S” in the description.. The older models, don’t have a screen on the device to put your password in on it. which forces you to put your info in the main screen, over the possibly infected computer. That allows for hackers to watch what your doing, as your typing.
So long story short, they made the Ledger nano S.. Which is one of the top rated hardware wallets on the market.. but just want to make sure you order the correct one , with the S. 

      So yeah, they both have a screen for a reason. just make sure the one you pick has one. On the Trezor I really the size of the screen. The device is just a perfect layout. And as I’m writing this, Trezor at the moment has a preorder, for a New wallet.. Called the model T!! Looks elegant, and with their excellent reputation, I’m sure it will be just great. Myself, I really enjoy reading there blogs, it shows how much time and thought they put into each project. The model T will start off with eight currencies and they say more to come.. That is also exactly why I like to have each wallet, as was explaining earlier.. Each wallet carries a few different varieties of coins.. Also wanted say.. off subject, is I add to this site a little bit here and there , kinda like a blog.. so new info like the model T happens so fast.. the crypto world changes pretty quick, developing at a fast rate.. It gives us more options.. Excited to try it out..

     Ok, let’s move on from wallets, because the next step your going to take probably, is purchasing bitcoin or an altcoin. At least it’s good to know places to be able to, if you want. There are a couple different routes, depending on which coin your interested in.. Sometimes it’s easier to just start off with buying bitcoin first, then exchanging it for what ever currency you like. Because they all are exchangeable with bitcoin. Sometimes you can exchange coins into ethereum pretty easy. but some of the smaller altcoins, always can trade with bitcoin.. 

       Sooo picking an exchange. A question I get asked all the time. In some ways, this is the hardest suggestion. Everyone has an opinion, on why a certain one is bad or good. I’m not trying to hurt any exchanges feelings, if you are reading this. Just a blunt person over here, trying to guide people, in forming there own opinion. Lets start with the easiest, and most reliable possibly, that would be coinbase. You can purchase with a credit card, not many pressing questions. That’s the simplest way to get bitcoin in my opinion. Some people would say the prices are a little higher then other places. But, maybe they have more bills to pay for, to be able to have the licenses they need. Especially because they can sell crypto to U.S citizens. 

        A bunch of the exchanges have different regulations, and wont deal with u.s citizens, or certain states are blocked. That’s also the other reason I think cryptocurrencies will do well in the future. When the rest of the world is aloud to buy and sell, it’s going to be Big. But coinbase has been around for a while and is pretty trusted company. The selection is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Also those are pretty much the same coins that are on most bitcoin atms.. You will hear those names a lot, a long with Dash. Also I need to say, you do have to make sure you are “verified” on coinbase or the transaction will take around 7 days to process.. so make sure you get verified if you want immediate transaction. After typing this out, it made me think, Bitcoin Atms!! Are really the fastest, least hassle way to start in the crypto world.. because you can just walk up, and  have your bitcoin in your wallet under 2 min.. but, we are talking about exchanges at the moment and just giving options.  

      If I’m doing day trading, the one thing about coinbase probably why I don’t use it more, is you have to buy for what ever price is listed. I’m more into buying with limit orders. Meaning with limit orders, you can basically put in a bid. If it drops to that price then the sale goes through, could be a week tho before the sale happens, if it even happens, but. I like buying that way, seem to get some amazing deals from time to time. My favorite exchange, which not many will be able to purchase with if in the United States, because of regulations. It’s Bitfinex!! Some reason that is my favorite platform to trade on, had a chance to try it out!! They seem to have the best prices, the nicest charts, I actually used some of their charts for this website! 

      A few other sites that have a good selection in coins, and also have limit orders is, Poloniex, and Bittrex.. I do hear mixed reviews on Bittrex, but will get to that another time, [because they always say don’t leave any money long term on an exchange]. I trade and buy off both those sites..  Still like the mobile version the best on Bitfinex.. I can’t let it go, bitfinex was my favorite haha. But both Poloniex and Bittrex have good mobile version and work fine. You can trade from your phone, on the beach if you like. Also when I say selection, there mite be around 100 different coins on poloniex.. That is a bunch.. oddly tho, with that selection, I didn’t see IOTA token on there, probably in the future tho.. 

    Safe thought, just because somewhere has a good variety of coins, mean that those coins are good. You have to do a lot of research, and learn about the companies before investing. I personally like to see, if they actually offer a product, is the product out, or in a research development stage? What are their future plans? Who are they working with? Ask yourself all sorts of questions. Check reviews.

     I look at Reddit all the time and other social media. Like for example an excellent group on facebook is called #1 Bitcoin Group. Also dive into to Twitter. Look in each place to see if the coin has it’s own group, or thread. Probably a Blog out there if they’re real. Loads of info to be found, once you start digging and know what to look for.

     Maybe start researching the Top 10 and Top 20 coins out there.. But yes do look over the top 100 too, just to see where coins are at on the list.. But I just want to make sure you all start off on the safe path first, and the top 10 and 20 list are usually safe bets, and real companies. Because everyday new coins are being born. There are over  1000 coins out today.. Some real, some not.. 

     Also another thought, I hear some people say they already missed the boat on Bitcoin, and other Altcoins. Bologna, those where for sure some great prices over the years. But we are still at the party early. Most people don’t even know what cryptocurrency is. They think I’m playing Dungeon and Dragons or something. I try telling them this is a new currency actually lol. 

        So it’s good to move slowly, invest wisely, do research. Ya got time. 

  Random thought, sometimes when I’m yappin trying to explain a situation, it could go back and forth between swing trading, longer term investing, or day to day use.. So ask yourself which you are looking to do.. Some of this stuff mite not apply to you

Before I change the subject to much, will list a few more exchanges. We had Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Coinbase, and will add to that list with CoinOne, Kraken, Bithumb, Bitstamp, and Korbit.. 

  A pretty common verification process, is you send in a pic of your I.D and credit card, also bank info needs to be approved.. This is where I’d rather have a third party involved, like have BitPay handle the deposits. So you don’t need to get your bank info involved, or give out all your personal information to each exchange. With BitPay it would way safer I think for customers and less liability for the exchanges.

   Good subject to get into are charts., there’s tons of great places to pick from. One that I like to check from time to time is,


 They have there chart game on point to say the least.

You don’t have to be an expert at charts. But it is good to check them and see if you can recognize any patterns. Also I’m sure everybody hears people saying “why is the market so low” or “why the big crash” even when it’s just a little dip or a correction.. So I think people would look at it different, if you check the Full History of the charts. Then maybe a year, then a few months, and so on till you get to it down to a day.. A little bit of a time consuming research project. But I think you will see situations in a different perspective, if you check charts at all time frames. There lots of good people to learn from on youtube as well.. Try Brandon Kelly, his info is usually called Chart Like A Boss. He is one of the best I’ve seen for teaching Chart Techniques.

​    I will be back and update some more links in here and add more info..